Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Music - Roads We've Taken

*NEW MUSIC* I'm excited to introduce my new solo album entitled "Roads We've Taken".  (aka my 2020 quarantine project - file under "things I wasn't planning on doing this year").   I was going to just do a 4-song EP, and it turned into a 9-track full album.  That's the way it goes when you sudden have lots of free time at night and a little project studio in your basement.

There are a few new songs and several of these that I've had in the file for a long time, and never had a home for in other projects.  The album covers a wide range of stories; some are a look back at my childhood, and some are a look at today as we watch the world go by in these times. 
There's a little bit of variety here for everyone: some rock, some bluesy R&B, some piano, and some acoustic guitar textures. 

This is a *DIGITAL-ONLY* album release.  I will have CDs later this year.  "Road's We've Taken" is available now through all major digital music retailers. I am very happy to share this new music with you all.  Come join me on the front porch for some songs and stories on "Road's We've Taken" - available now

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

new interview - The Guitar Show with Ramon Goose

I just did a new interview for Ramon Goose's guitar show Youtube channel.  Ramon is a UK guitarist who has a really great video series on all things guitar - history, gear, players, etc.    He did an earlier one on Ritchie and I emailed him about my new book.  We got in touch and I did this interview spot for his show just yesterday.

Here it is - check out my new interview with Ramon Goose for The Guitar Show - we talk about my new Ritchie book and Ritchie's music, playing style, and more.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

new Podcast Interview - Deeper Digs In Rock / Ritchie Valens

*New Interview -- my new interview with Christian Swain for Pantheon Podcasts "Deeper Digs in Rock" is now online. In commemoration of February 1959, Christian and I discuss Ritchie Valens, his influence on rock history and rock guitar, and a few other topics. Check it out in its entirety here:

Friday, December 13, 2019

CDBABY - Christmas Download Sale!

Hi all,

MP3 downloads of my full albums are $1 each from now through 12/25/26.    Each of my albums is only $1 apiece per album MP3 download.    Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Ritchie Valens Book Review - The Beat (UK), September 2019

***BOOK REVIEW - My Ritchie Valens book is reviewed and featured in the September 2019 issue of the UK music magazine The Beat. Check it out here!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

New Interview - KHOI 89.1FM 8/1/19

Recently I was interviewed on 89.1 FM KHOI (Central IA) for Stephanie Bates' show "Love of Music".  I played some of my own songs, and shared a few of my favorites by others. We talked about songwriting, the blues, playing guitar, teaching music, music history, as well as my new Ritchie Valens book, Ritchie's music and the Winter Dance Party.

The interview is available on my Interview page at

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

*NEW* Book Release: Ritchie Valens book 6/25/19

New Book Release:  Ritchie Valens book 6/25/19 

New book spotlights Ritchie Valens’ guitars and playing style

Ritchie Valens: His Guitars and Music is the new book by guitarist and author Ryan Sheeler available from Centerstream Publishing (distributed by Hal Leonard Inc.).   The book spotlights the guitars and playing style of Ritchie Valens; the first nationally famous Latino rock star.   Valens was a talented young singer and performer but was also a very skilled guitarist.  Many who knew and worked with him attested to his talent and skill on the instrument.  
Ritchie Valens: His Guitars and Music looks at Ritchie’s guitars that he owned and used both live and in the studio.  The book is filled with photographs of Ritchie, his instruments, commentary from musicians with whom he played and sanctioned by Ritchie Valens’ estate. The book also offers a new transcription of “La Bamba” with guitar tablature of Ritchie’s iconic guitar riffs and solo – with a bonus transcription of the guitar solo from Los Lobos’ version on the 1987 film soundtrack.   The book includes an audio portion where Sheeler discusses and performs the guitar riffs and solos of "La Bamba” in a full band setting.

Ryan Sheeler is Lecturer in the Department of Music at Iowa State University where he teaches the History of Rock ‘n’ Roll and performs as a guitarist in the Central Iowa area.

Ritchie Valens: His Guitars and Music is available through Centerstream Publishing and Hal Leonard, Inc.