Thursday, July 16, 2020

New Music - Roads We've Taken

*NEW MUSIC* I'm excited to introduce my new solo album entitled "Roads We've Taken".  (aka my 2020 quarantine project - file under "things I wasn't planning on doing this year").   I was going to just do a 4-song EP, and it turned into a 9-track full album.  That's the way it goes when you sudden have lots of free time at night and a little project studio in your basement.

There are a few new songs and several of these that I've had in the file for a long time, and never had a home for in other projects.  The album covers a wide range of stories; some are a look back at my childhood, and some are a look at today as we watch the world go by in these times. 
There's a little bit of variety here for everyone: some rock, some bluesy R&B, some piano, and some acoustic guitar textures. 

This is a *DIGITAL-ONLY* album release.  I will have CDs later this year.  "Road's We've Taken" is available now through all major digital music retailers. I am very happy to share this new music with you all.  Come join me on the front porch for some songs and stories on "Road's We've Taken" - available now