Monday, September 28, 2009

Nashville Songwriters Association!

Hey all, I am now a member of the prestigious Nashville Songwriters Association! :)

This will give me a lot more exposure and networking for my songs! :) yay!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Song of the Week 9/25

Song of the week - Come To That Place

Come To That Place – Ryan Sheeler

When I drove home from our first date, I didn’t know what I had
But I knew you were special and somehow my heart was glad
From the first time that we kissed to the last time that we touched
I could not believe that my heart could love that much
Now we come to that place where true love resides
Though our pride gets in the way, its love we can’t deny
There’s always been something special in your eyes
That only God could provide
On a chair in your bedroom are two pictures of you
One when you were 5 years old and the other one subdued
They both had a smile, beautiful despite
Calendar pages turned, years of pain tried to hide
We both came here with pain and time to bear
Sweetly forged a deeper bond that we both now share
Your eyes have always showed me compassion and so much love
I’d be such a fool to say, you weren’t sent from up above
As I hold your body close to mine, words unspoken say
I’ll always listen to your heart, and take all your fears away
Now we come to that place where true love resides
You and I forever one, love no one can deny
Looking in all those years for someone with your eyes
I’ve come to that place and found my love’s lullaby

LITR now available at

My CDs are now available online at!

Light In The Rain:

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sheeler Music Group

Announcing the launch of Sheeler Music Group; my publishing/research/music advocacy group

Sunday, September 20, 2009

new SoW for 9/20/09 - I'm Keeping an Empty Box

I’m Keeping An Empty Box (Lisa Swab/Ryan Sheeler)
I looked in my closet for something I couldn’t find
Dust had settled over memories I’d left behind
When I was looking the other way, I saw it sitting there
I touched it, felt it, waiting...waiting just to share
I’ve been keeping an empty box on a shelf inside my heart
I never meant to keep it here, open and set apart
What’s inside this empty box that’s been singing a silent song?
Waiting for someone to listen to my heart all along
This closet hides a lot of things – masking tape and a corded phone
Just like the space inside of me – they’re things I didn’t own
I’ve forgotten all about them along with love and time
To see them with the memories brings a tear to my eye
Boxes full of empty spaces, filled with laughter now empty faces
Smiling now, begin the traces of love that fills the empty spaces
I’ve forgotten how much of this closet I’ve never seen
Never take a look around or even had time to clean
A broken sewing machine lies in an empty space
Its broken wheel reflects… reflects a certain face
Of a little child who wanted to be loved
Now you’re here in my arms sent from up above
I’ve filled the empty box that was inside my heart
Hope gives way to something more, open and set apart
What’s inside this empty box that’s been singing a silent song?
Waiting for someone to listen to my heart all along

Please keep requesting!!!

Please keep requesting Light In The Rain on Internet Radio as much as you can.  It will help keep the songs in the public eye.

Google "Ryan Sheeler Light In The Rain radio"  or click on the links below in the posts


Here it is at long last! :)

Box Bros in Fairfield IA

Well....the Box Brothers finished a 2-day stint in Fairfield for some gigs.   Got to go by the Maharishi University.  The whole weekend was slightly surreal.  :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Internet Radio - Light In The Rain


"Light In The Rain" is getting picked up by Internet Radio (yay!) I need your help in getting my play count up! Click on any of the links below. Or choose the Google Search listing link to see them all:

Google Search link "Ryan Sheeler Light In The Rain radio"

Light In The Rain

So many of you know, Light In The Rain is my new solo CD. It is taking off like you would not believe. Born out of immense emotional pain and a ton of prayer...I truly its best personal work I've ever done :)

Heart Of The Person
Light In The Rain
Different Kind
Anything and Everything
Sight Unseen
Love Too Much
The Storm Around Me
I’m Keeping An Empty Box
Come To That Place
I’m There With You

Believe In Me (Fogelberg)

All songs and compositions c.2009
By Ryan Sheeler/Sheeler Music Group ASCAP except:
“Heart Of The Person” and “I’m Keeping an Empty Box”
By Lisa Swab and Ryan Sheeler. C.2009

“Believe In Me” by Dan Fogelberg. (From the album Windows and Walls)
c.1984 EMI April Music/ Hickory Grove Music.
Used by permission ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Official News move - temporary

Hey all,

I'm temporarily moving my entire news and blog section (for to my Blogspot. So for the time being, all my news and updates will be here.

I saw for the time being...cuz I am looking into migrating to a Wordpress installation so I can easily integrate all my news and blog content more seemlessly into my webpage. And I intend to start an RSS feed as well.

Thanks for your patience! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile - David Allan Coe

Every once in a while you find a song that perfectly fits your mood in life. This song totally fits where I am emotionally these days.

Mona Lisa's lost her smile and the painter's hands are trembling now
And if she's out there running wild it's just because I taught her how
The masterpiece that we had planned is laying shattered on the ground
Mona Lisa's lost her smile and the painter's hands are trembling now

The eyes that used to burn for me now they no longer look my way
And the love that used to be love I just lost in yesterday
And if she seems cold to the touch well there used to burn a flame
I gave too little took too much

till I erased the painter's name

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

what a summer

wow. don't know if I'll top this one any time soon. So much loss and heartache, losing my job and losing someone very special to me. These losses, never of which am I even close to done grieving, have cast a huge shadow over my emotional health these last two months.

You know how it can be perfectly sunny outsid, and you still are incredibly depressed? That's what I've been living in for the past two months. Horrible. Bad thing is that it doesn't seem to get any better....

Case in point...I am releasing my 3rd solo album this week entitled Light In The Rain. It is by far the best collection of songs I've ever done. But the events of the past months have cast a shadow on that too, to the point where I'm not anywhere happy about it as I should be.

End result being...I don't feel as near to God as I should. I just hope He's near to me, 'cuz I can't see Him, hear Him or touch Him right now.